Hej from Denmark!

Velkommen! Welcome to my blog, a time capsule of my experience studying abroad with DIS Copenhagen in the Spring of 2020. Join me on my quest to seek hygge (and find out exactly what hygge is), adjust to life in Europe, and find home in a new place. Tak, fordi du besøger min blog!

  • Short Study Tour: Malmö & Göteborg

    February 9, 2020 by

    Happy Short Study Tour Week!!! This past week DIS students spent half their week across Western Denmark or Southern Sweden with their Core Course classes. To give a brief overview of the DIS academic system, your Core Course is a class at DIS that you’ve designated to be your main area of concentration while studying… Read more

  • Becoming a Resident

    February 1, 2020 by

    The third week of DIS, the week we receive our Residence Permit and officially gain access to living in Denmark for 4 months, marks a big turning point in our study abroad experience: the shift from casual tourist to aspiring residents. As I have explored new areas, joined extracurriculars, and continued to integrate into my… Read more

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